First configuration


This is a brief description how you should configure your system. Here we have mentioned all the basic steps, you need to configure your system.

  • As the first step of configuration, you have to add organization details. In there you have facility to add company details, responsible person details and company logo.
  1. Add company details

oZone Desk Your Desk On Cloud - Add organization

                 oZone Desk - Your Desk On Cloud (1)

      2.   Add responsible person details

oZone Desk Your Desk On Cloud - Add organization1

3.  Upload company logo


  • After adding organization information, as the next step you can add system settings as given below. Here user is capable of adding details related to currency, tax, alerts, etc.


  • In oZone Desk an outlet is the one considered as your store. You can easily add important information related to your outlet. It is really easy! Try to add your new outlet now.
  • Now it is time to add suppliers to the system. You can simply find add supplier option under purchasing section.

Before you start your selling process as the final and most important step, you have to add products to your store. A product is an individual item for sale in oZone Desk store. Add the following options, before you start adding products to your system:

Now you can start  adding products to your store. When you are adding products; you can use existing categories, materials, brands, colors, sizes and designs. Other than that user can add a product with different version, like size, color, etc. This page will help you with everything to do with adding products.

After adding products, now you have reached to the end of the first configuration session. Now you can start your business!